Victims of shooting file lawsuit against Regina’s Pump Roadhouse

Two men have filed lawsuits against the Pump Roadhouse nightclub in Regina after they were the victims of a brazen shooting.

According to new court documents, Sarain Stoney and Jordan Burns were wounded when a gunman opened fire in the early morning hours of April 29.

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The statements of claim offer new details of what transpired at Pump Roadhouse from the perspective of the victims.

In the documents, Stoney said he was let in the back door by a Pump employee and allowed to enter without being searched.

He goes on to state that around 1:30 a.m., he saw a man with a gun and turned to run in the opposite direction. Stoney claimed he was shot twice as he ran away.

The first bullet entered below his right ear and exited his left cheek, according to Stoney. He stated that he “suffered a broken jaw, injured his tongue, lost two teeth, tissue damage to his face and mouth, nerve damage and permanent scarring.”

Stoney stated the second bullet hit his right shoulder.

The statement claimed that the injuries Stoney sustained will likely require further surgeries and treatment, plus psychological counseling to help with “mental anguish and anxiety.”

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On Tuesday, another statement of claim was filed by Jordan Burns.

Burns stated that he was waiting to order food when the gunman collided with him, turned around and shot him twice in the left arm.

He stated that “there are bullet fragments in his left forearm” and he isn’t able to bear “any significant weight on his left arm.”

In both statements, Stoney and Burns claim that Pump Roadhouse showed “wilful disregard for the safety of the public generally…by having the opportunity to act and either neglecting or choosing not to do so.”

The nightclub’s owner, Mark Smith, said additional security measures have been applied since the shooting.

“We implemented the wand and the metal detection and a very vigorous, vigorous search. We really scrutinize people when they come through the door,” Smith said.

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Smith said he hopes the victims fully recover and will let the nightclub’s insurance company deal with the claims.

None of the allegations against Pump Roadhouse have been proven in court.

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