UPDATE: Video shows pregnant Wendy’s employee climb through drive-thru window prior to beating

Security camera footage released Tuesday shows the moment a pregnant employee at a Missouri Wendy’s restaurant climbed out a drive-thru window to go after a pair of customers who allegedly confronted and beat her because she failed to give them enough straws with their order.

The new video contradicts earlier claims made by 19-year-old Victoria Repine’s mother, Heather Salcedo, who said her daughter was pulled out the drive-thru window by her attackers.

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    “Upon further investigation and review of surveillance footage, it was revealed that the victim was initially grabbed and then climbed out of the window on her own accord during the altercation,” Officer John Syme of the Independence Police Department said in a statement.

    Repine was hospitalized following the incident, and she and her unborn baby are expected to make a full recovery.

    WATCH: Mother of hospitalized pregnant Wendy’s employee speaks out

    Salcedo told reporters that her daughter was working at the Independence, Mo., restaurant’s drive-thru on Sunday when a group of customers in a vehicle confronted Repine at the window after receiving their order.

    “She opened the window to ask her, ‘Can I help you?’” Salcedo told KSHB.

    “She said ‘You didn’t give us any f****n straws’,” Salcedo said.

    Salcedo told KTLA that her daughter, who is three months’ pregnant, attempted to tell the customer that the straws were in her paper bag, but was unexpectedly attacked.

    “Before she could get those words completely out, the girl was pulling her out of the window, and another girl was beating her up,” said Salcedo.

    Salcedo said her daughter fell back inside the restaurant and hit a drink tray. When Repine got back to her feet she was grabbed again and pulled through the drive-thru window, into the parking lot.

    The released video shows Repine was helped by a co-worker to escape the grasp of one attacker before she climbed out the window to go after the woman.

    Repine’s co-workers looked out the window as a second woman exited the vehicle and became involved in the confrontation.

    “She has two black eyes,” Salcedo said. “She has cuts and scrapes on her arm and her knees. She also has bruising.”

    Salcedo remains shocked and angered by the beating.

    “No parent should have to get that phone call that their child has been attacked,” she said. “These people need to be caught, they need to be held accountable,” said Salcedo. “You were upset over 50-cent straws, but you’re going to pay for these medical bills.”

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