Teens recorded racially abusing Manchester tram passenger blamed on ‘Brexit’ fallout

In the wake of last Thursday’s vote to leave the European Union, Britain has seen a surge in xenophobia expressed in taunts, threats and worse.

For many, foreign and native-born, the UK has suddenly become a much scarier place.

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On a passenger train in Manchester, three teenage boys verbally and racially abused other passengers, telling one to “get back to Africa”.

Manchester Police have confirmed a 20, 18 and 16-year-old have been arrested on suspicion of affray in connection with the incident.

In west London police are investigating vandalism at a Polish cultural Centre.

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Their Chair Joana Mludzinska says racist attacks have stepped up since the referendum.

She says the Polish community haven’t seen this kind of behaviour before.

Londoner Karissa Singh, has resorted to starting a “post ref racism” campaign after she says she was approached in a bar following the result and told ‘I know we only voted to leave the EU but we should have voted out to all of you lot.’

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She said there is a “very joyous, jubilant sense of ‘we voted for you to leave, now you pack your bags and you leave’.”

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Mutuma Ruteere, a United Nations racism specialist, said migration should be seen as a positive thing.

He says there isn’t a crisis in migration, the crisis is one of tolerance and diversity.

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Conservative MP, Simon Hoare, denounced the attacks in parliament recounting another incident, this time a racist tweet sent to someone in London. He likened the increase in xenophobia to a genie being let out of a bottle.

His leader David Cameron slammed the comments as “hideous”.

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He said he thought sentiments like these were banished from the UK, the country those now being targeted as foreigners call their home.

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