Sud-Ouest borough to spend $25,000 on effort to clean up dog poop

MONTREAL – Man’s best friend can make for a smelly companion, that’s why the Sud-Ouest borough is spearheading a campaign to get dog owners to clean up after their pets.

“We think it’s really important that you pick up after your dog,” said councillor Craig Sauvé.

“That’s something a lot of citizens do complain about.”

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Sauvé and borough mayor Benoit Dorais are leading the local effort; Montreal kicked off its “Cleanliness is a matter of pride” campaign last year.

This year, they are targeting dog poop.

The city will distribute 2,500 pink bags as a reminder to residents to clean their dog’s poop.

They’re also ramping up their presence by sending inspectors to remind people to clean up.

“We also have a dog educator and she is a professional with dog owners,” said Sauvé.

“[She is] trying to help them have better behaviour towards their dogs and get better results from their dogs too.”

The initiative has a price tag.

“It’s around $25,000 for the publicity, for the bags, for the specialist and also for the publicity on our trucks,” said Dorais.

The city says each box of 60 bags costs $4, and 2,500 will be distributed to dog owners in the Sud-Ouest borough, in dog parks and city offices.

Geneviève Charette, a recent dog owner and a resident of Saint-Henri for the last 10 years, thinks the price tag is too high.

“It’s a lot of money,” said Charette.

“I didn’t think it would be that much money just to take some poo. I think it’s our responsibility, the owner, to take care of that.”

The city insists it’s money well spent.

“We’re putting an investment, for sure,” said Sauvé.

“It’s not a huge investment, but it’s an investment that is very significant. It’s something that’s never been done in Montreal before.”

Residents Dominic Norman agrees.

“I think it can be a good idea, if it’s done well,” said Norman.

“Sometime you can forget to bring a bag or maybe your dog has to go twice in a row so it’s useful. It’s like having garbage bins in the parks.”

How efficient the campaign is going to be remains to be seen.

The city agreed most dog owners are respectful, it’s really just a few that are neglectful.

“It’s about civic pride,” said Sauvé.

“I think people in the neighbourhood, they’re disturbed when they see dog droppings all over the streets. Sometimes it’s one or two owners on the street that are less respectful of their neighbours.”

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