Lethbridge woman sentenced to 10 years in jail for manslaughter

A Lethbridge woman was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for the death of 43-year-old Katheline Buck of Coaldale.

Originally the Crown had charged the 22-year-old with second-degree murder, but instead accepted a guilty plea to manslaughter.

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  • Lethbridge woman charged with second-degree murder

    In the agreed statement of facts submitted by defence council and the Crown prosecutor, it was stated that in the early morning hours of Feb. 23 2015, Julie-Ann Nicky Agerskov and a man arrived at friend’s home along 19 Street North.

    Court heard they were doing drugs and called a dealer for more.

    Katheline Buck showed up at the home. Agerskov thought the woman had stolen from her a few weeks earlier.

    When Buck went to leave the house, Agerskov tried to rob her and steal crack cocaine she believed Buck was hiding in her clothes.

    Buck swung a chair at Agerskov and Agerskov pulled out a knife.

    The man with Agerskov tried to intervene and was unintentionally stabbed.

    Buck was stabbed 13 times.

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    The agreed statement of facts detailed that Agerskov and the man left the home, while Buck was left in a pool of blood screaming for help.

    The person who lived at the house woke up and called 911, but it was too late.

    Agerskov was arrested a short time later and made a full confession to police.

    During sentencing, her lawyer said she takes responsibility for her actions and has deep remorse and regret, adding that while in prison, she wrote an apology letter to Buck’s family.

    “I’m truly sorry about what I’ve done and I hope to be better in the future,” Agerskov told the judge.

    The 22-year-old was sentenced to 10 years in jail, with credit given for time served. She will have eight years left to serve for the manslaughter charge.

    She also pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated assault for stabbing a man during the same incident, and received one more additional year in jail.

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