Istanbul airport attack: Air Canada halts service to Ataturk Airport

A terrorist attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport which has left dozens of people dead has forced Air Canada to halt operations to and from the Turkish city.

“As a result of events in Istanbul, today’s flight, due to leave Toronto this evening, has been cancelled and tomorrow’s return flight from Istanbul, on the same aircraft, is also cancelled,” Peter Fitzpatrick, Air Canada spokesperson, told Global News.

Fitzpatrick said Air Canada has been in touch with all of its employees in Istanbul and determined they are safe. The airline runs daily service to Istanbul.

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Security camera appears to show moment of explosion inside Istanbul Airport


Security camera appears to show moment of explosion inside Istanbul Airport


Dozens dead and dozens more injured after two explosions at Istanbul’s airport


Travellers at Istanbul airport take cover from explosions, gunfire


Aftermath video of twin bomb explosions at Istanbul’s airport

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“As more information becomes available, we will assess when normal operations can resume,” Fitzpatrick said.

So far there have been no reports of any Canadians killed or injured in the attack, Global Affairs said in a statement to Global News.

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“The Emergency Watch and Response Centre and our offices in Ankara and Istanbul are closely monitoring the situation and are working to determine if Canadian citizens have been affected,” the statement said.

“To date, we have no reports of any Canadian citizens being affected by the incidents.”

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