‘He did something terrible’: Bolsa shooting victim relieved after sentencing decision

A notorious Calgary gangster was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 16 years Tuesday for the high profile shooting and killing of an innocent man.

43-year-old Keni Su’a died New Year’s Day 2009. He was shot as he tried to escape from gunfire at the Bolsa Restaurant.

The target of the shooting was gang member Sanjeev Mann and his associate Aaron Bendle.

Real Honorio pleaded guilty to the second degree murder of Su’a and more than seven years after the shooting was given his sentence in a Calgary courtroom.

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    Real Honorio apologizes for killing innocent bystander Keni Su’a

  • Accused Calgary gangster Real Honorio pleads guilty to shooting innocent bystander in Bolsa murders

    “It does bring some closure, however I don’t think there will ever be full closure. It won’t bring Keni back, he’s still gone,” Su’as former wife Lenni Folden-Su’a said.

    In a written decision, Justice W.A. Tilleman noted Honorio had “a ruthless disregard for life” and shot an innocent man. But he also noted that Honorio is remorseful about his actions.

    “This justice gave a thoughtful decision. It wasn’t what we were hoping for however the Crown was seeking a 20-year sentence,” defence lawyer Tonii Roulston said.

    Co-counsel Andrea Urquhart added, “He’s looking forward to focusing on his future now, putting this behind him. He’s taken responsibility for his actions and he’s just happy to have this chapter of his life over.”

    Folden-Su’a said she was hoping Honorio wouldn’t be eligible for parole for 20 years but says she’s satisfied with the decision.

    “Real [Honorio] does seem remorseful and I do hope that he does turn his life around and does made a difference in his life but at the same time I still feel he did something terrible, he took somebody’s life and a person should pay for that,” Folden-Su’a said.

    Honorio’s sentence will be considered to have begun the day he was arrested and taken into custody June 8, 2009. That means he will be eligible to apply for parole in another nine years.

    Folden Su’a said she’ll never fully heal from the senseless tragedy but she holds onto her former husband’s memory tightly.

    “Keni was a really kind generous person, was everybody’s best friend people could depend on him. He looked after his family,” she said.

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