Capybara captured: 2nd runaway rodent back at High Park Zoo after weeks on the lam

The final missing capybara from the High Park Zoo has been found safe after more than a month on the run.

The six-month old rodent was part of a pair that made international headlines last month after escaping during an animal transfer.

Since then, crews have been working overtime to find the two escapees, nicknamed ‘Bonnie and Clyde.’

Despite multiple sightings, the pair stayed free until the first capybara was caught on June 12.

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Tuesday morning, Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation announced they caught the second one.

Parks spokesperson Megan Price told Global News it will be a few days before the public will be able to see the runaways.

“It just depends on the vet assessment, it depends on staff getting the enclosure ready,” Price said.

“Right now they’re both indoors, the one we caught today is going to be checked by a vet to make sure that it’s in good health.”

Once they’re evaluated, Price says there will be a short process to introduce them to the current High Park Zoo capybara, Chewy.

“Staff is going to be securing the fencing on a second enclosure so [the two] can get to know each other before they all get together.”

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