10 uniquely Canadian snacks for Canada Day

One of the best things about living and eating in Canada is how easy it is to find unique snacks from around the world. From bubble tea to decadent European pastries, you can easily find international delights at ethnic grocery stores and bakeries.

What’s rarely talked about are the fine foods we have that are distinctly Canadian. Though bacon and maple syrup are dubbed “national foods,” there are several other items lining store shelves that are hard to find anywhere else.

In honour of Canada Day, we invite you to dive into one of these 10 sweet or savoury treats.

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Americans only recently got their own version of these colourful candies, but they don’t taste or look anything like the all-Canadian Smartie. A similar version is crafted in Europe.


This cinnamon-laced, fried dough slate came to Canada via Hungary, but became distinctly Canadian thanks to a name change and the option to top it with a variety of sweet treats.


The secret to how they get the caramel into the Caramilk bar is a national treasure worthy of protection behind lock and key.

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Ketchup Chips

These sweet, yet savoury potato chips are as red as the maple leaf in the Canadian flag. Many Canucks know the sweet pleasure of sucking their red fingers after finishing off a bag of them.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale

If you’ve got an upset stomach outside of Canada, we’re sorry to say you won’t find this refreshing ale in a grocery store.

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Cheese curds, french fries and gravy — one of French Canada’s greatest contributions to our proud culinary heritage.

Swiss Chalet Sauce

Other countries around the world roast their chickens, but they don’t have the salty goodness of Swiss Chalet Sauce to dip their chicken in.

Jos Louis

These sweet cake pockets are all-Canadian and were crafted for the first time in 1932.

Butter Tarts

Made by Canada’s first pioneers, these pastries are super sweet and can be filled with everything from raisins and pecans to chocolate chips and walnuts.

Crush Cream Soda

Need a rush of energy? Sip on this sweet, super pink and distinctly Canadian beverage.

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